Our Mision

    To serve location globally: To be the world's preferred location based services company.

    Our Vision

    To achieve our mission, we have developed a set of goals:

  • To be recognised and respected by mobile network operators worldwide, as a specialist supplier of LBS infrastructure & application
  • Winning customers recurring business through a combination of world-class end-to-end solutions, competitive prices, and most agile response to their needs
  • Our Values

    Our shared values, which guide our business activities, are that we are:

  • Innovative: Ours is a business founded on intellectual property. We foster a creative environment in order to develop meaningful, highly relevant products and deliver them to the market via the most effective channels.
  • Agile: We are fleet-of-foot - from the way that we develop new products, to the way that we enter new markets - because we are able to translate theory to action rapidly. We are a flexible company, able to grow, develop and adapt both in the long / medium term (strategically) and in the short term (at a moment's notice).
  • Open & Honest: Professionalism and high standards in both quality and integrity are embedded at the heart of individuals and the company. We are ethical and responsible in everything that we do - from the working practices we develop, to the way we treat our employees and in our dealings with all of our stakeholders. We are open-minded, endeavour to welcome constructive criticism and embrace all cultures. We welcome new ideas that enhance the probability of our success.
  • Accountable: The company is independent and our employees are encouraged to be independently minded. We are not encumbered by bureaucracy. We take responsibility for our own destiny & actions - individually, as team members and as a company. This empowers us to produce products and deliver service of the highest quality, to our colleagues, our customers and our suppliers.